Emanuel and the Fear (solo), Richie Quake

Wed, March 14, 2018

8:00 pm

Baby's All Right

Brooklyn, NY

This event is 16 and over

Emanuel and the Fear (solo)
Emanuel and the Fear (solo)
Emanuel and the Fear is a band. They live in Brooklyn NYC. There used to be 11 of them, but now there are only 6.

Emanuel and the Fear have been advised to explain what they sound like. They can't, however, seem to agree on a genre classification since the only thing all 6 of them can agree on is that Marvin Gaye's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the 1983 NBA all-star game is a brilliant piece of music. If you call them a rock band, nobody will be offended.

Emanuel and the Fear have already released 3 records that are available for purchase everywhere you can buy music online. They also have physical CDs available for people that are still into that sort of thing.

Emanuel and the Fear's fourth release and likewise second full length, "The Janus Mirror", will be released by Haldern Pop Records in Europe September 14th and the UK September 21st.

Emanuel and the Fear will release "The Janus Mirror" in the US on their own label Eat Fear Records on September 28th.

Emanuel and the Fear think you're going to like "The Janus Mirror". Based on what scholars have decoded from the Mayan calendar regarding our current 2012th year, with the world being on the cusp of the great pivot of the current age, "The Janus Mirror" is a record about change. It deals with the the over-filled human experience in todays silicone world. "The Janus Mirror" is our eyes, it is the point between the world outside and the world in our minds. It is about a two-headed monster. It's also about 44 minutes long.

Emanuel and the Fear have bemused worldwide press such as The Guardian, Paste, Rolling Stone (Germany), Paper Magazine, NME, Village Voice, and Vice (Germany).

Emanuel and the Fear will be touring Europe and the UK in support of "The Janus Mirror". They will tour the US when they get their shit together.

Emanuel and the Fear are:

Drums – Jeff Gretz
Bass – Gil Goldin
Synth/Flute – Nic Cowles
Violin/Vocals – Liz Hanley
Cello – Brian Sanders
Guitar/Keys/Vocals – Emanuel Ayvas
Richie Quake
"Employing a variety of modern sounds and production techniques, Quake crafts indie pop that seamlessly blends a variety of styles (hip-hop, experimental electronic music, alt R&B, traditional acoustic singer/songwriter music, fuzzed-out funk) into a set that feels immensely personal" - Pigeons and Planes
Venue Information:
Baby's All Right
146 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY, 11211