The Social Animals

The Social Animals

I Am Strikes

Sun, October 22, 2017

8:00 pm

Baby's All Right

Brooklyn, NY


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The Social Animals
The Social Animals
The Social Animals are a full time, van-living young band. They speak through elegantly sarcastic, thoughtful lyrics with memorable melodies splattered across a canvas of indie rock instrumentation. They don't do backflips at their live shows or slide across their knees into guitar solos. Instead, they play their music passionately and honestly, carrying both the intensity to move feet and the delicacy to keep them still. Between songs, their dry commentary on the status of their lives and the world around them appeals to the type of person who, perhaps, spends time actually reading through a band bio.

Releasing their debut EP, "Formative Years" in late summer of 2016, The Social Animals have laid a sturdy foundation for the character and direction of the band. Songs like "Let Me Go" marry the grittiness of an honest band cramped in a Chevy Express with the pop sensibility of Tom Petty. "I Guess In America" offers a tongue-in-cheek outlook on the process of dealing with personal sadness under the seemingly comfortable umbrella of the U.S., and the privileges (or lack thereof) that come with it.

Unlike the shaky uneasiness of their V8 engine, these boys show no signs of stopping. Climbing from the gurgling depths of Wal-Mart parking lots and rattling beer cans, the band sits calmly atop the rubble with a full-length album in their back pocket. Recorded almost completely live at Modest Mouse's "Ice Cream Party Studios," the album is poised to make 2017 the most promising year of the band's career. Produced with help from Steve Berlin (Los Lobos, Deer Tick), the album, coined "Early Twenties," builds upon the groundwork of "Formative Years" and takes the band to new places both physically and sonically.

Dedric Clark: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar.

Tony Petersen: Harmony Vocals, Electric Guitar, Banjo.

Roger Whittet: Harmony Vocals, Bass.

Boyd Smith: Drums.
I Am Strikes
I Am Strikes
There's a lot to be said about the steadfast commitment to honesty. However, it's no secret that some thoughts are too heavy to exist outside our own sphere of awareness. Enter I Am Strikes, an emerging indie-alternative artist from Sacramento, CA with a lot to say and very little room for shame or discretion.

"Vapidity makes me want to rip my face off," says I Am Strikes when asked what inspired her to start the project. "The man at the checkout counter asks you how you're doing. Maybe it's the worst day of your life. But you always answer.. 'Good.' 'Fine.' As if invalidating your feelings for a moment ceases their existence. We live in a world of small talk and meaningless interaction." It's a relatable sentiment, to say the least.

So how does I Am Strikes exist in a society devoted to keeping one's hinges in place? "I've committed to fighting that grain tooth and nail. For the sake of my own sanity. For the sake of anybody else who can relate. If I need to say it, I sing it. All honesty. There's absolutely no censorship."

Such is seen in her song titles: "Whatever Makes You Want to Die Less," "Bitches," and "Love is Just a Way to Die," where she cloaks intense messages in powerful melody.

While I Am Strikes neither starts nor ends with cynicism, (despite what some song names may suggest), a sense of honest self-depreciation litters her music: "I may be a loser, but tell me I've won you over" -- the opening lyrics to her peppy piano ballad 'Loser.' "I may be stressed, or maybe I am depressed/but I know I'm moving on to the life you kept me from" -- the chorus lyrics to her anthem 'Out of Breath,' dedicated to "the pill-popping kids" and "the mind-numbing youth" whom she advises to "stop hiding [their] wrists." Suffice it to say, there's a hopeful undertone that contrasts the inherent darkness of her persona and her music.

While it's impossible to ignore her compelling vocal style and content, I Am Strikes is more of a musician than most. At the age of 15, she began teaching herself to play the guitar. "I didn't know anything about it," she says. "My family didn't play. My friends didn't play. I didn't grow up around much music at all. I was kind of just sick of being a teenager and finally gave myself a valid excuse to lock myself in my room." These hours of solitude lead to an undeniable proficiency of her instrument; the guitar seems an extension of her fingers.

Maybe she's a walking contronym, as her name would suggest. Maybe she straddles the line between centered and unstable. Or maybe she's the embodiment of a generation tired of shaming pain and stigmatizing madness. It's no secret that I Am Strikes is far from the tail-end of her career.

So what exactly happened to I Am Strikes to elicit such an explosive and creative response? "It's simple. I got my heart broken. Badly. Heavily. And it changed my perspective on everything."
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Baby's All Right
146 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY, 11211