Dr. Martens Presents Phoebe Bridgers

Dr. Martens Presents Phoebe Bridgers

Lionlimb, COTE

Wed, October 4, 2017

8:00 pm

Baby's All Right

Brooklyn, NY


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Phoebe Bridgers
Phoebe Bridgers
Los Angeles based singer songwriter Phoebe Bridgers has been described as Elliott Smith meets Gillian Welch. Her unique voice has been featured on ABC Family’s Switched At Birth, Sons of Anarchy and an IPhone commercial. Pasadena Weekly says, “Bridgers has made a name for herself in that scene in relatively short time thanks largely to the quicksilver beauty of her voice; sweetly vulnerable, it also has a tensile strength that beguiles listeners.”

Bridgers has played her own brand of alternative folk all over Los Angeles, including the Troubadour, the El Rey, the Roxy, Genghis Cohen, Hotel Café, The Coffee Gallery Backstage, the Claremont Folk Festival and the Grand Ole Echo.  According to LA-Underground, “Phoebe Bridgers’ “Waiting Room” was the heartbreaker tune of the year. It’s brilliant. She’s something special.” Music blog American Pancake says, “Phoebe’s tender performance mildly freaks you out and breaks your heart at the same time…utterly beautiful.”

Since graduating from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts in 2013, Phoebe has performed and recorded both in Los Angeles and Nashville. She has collaborated with friends and mentors including Terra Naomi, Rob Waller, Noah Gunderson and Chad Gilbert. Her latest project is a 7” limited release of three songs, produced by Ryan Adams, released on April 28 and available on PaxAm.
Shoo is the debut album from Lionlimb, the project of songwriter Stewart Bronaugh and drummer Joshua Jaeger. It is set for release on March 4th viaBayonet Records. Bronaugh wrote the collection of songs between 2012 and 2015 while living in Chicago, San Francisco, and Nashville.
After returning from an Australian tour playing guitar and drums in Angel Olsen’s band, Lionlimb began recording Shoo in 2015 with Robin Eaton. Bronaugh and Jaeger started by tracking live drums and piano, and then for weeks Bronaugh filled up reel after reel, layering compulsively over their recordings. In the spring, Bronaugh and Eaton began the task of peeling away the layers.
The resulting sessions proved to be a departure from the duo’s previous recordings with a shift toward jazz, rock and soul with the addition of saxophone and Fender Rhodes. The album’s influences can be traced back to Miles Davis’ On the Corner, Jack London, Schumann, Elliott Smith and Jackson Pollock.
COTE, the project of Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Taryn Randall, descends from a timeless, song-driven
rock tradition. Sparked by unsparing ruminations on heartbreak and accountability, Randall’s keenly observed songs map the peaks and valleys, twists and dead-ends that mark any trip worth taking — be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or somewhere in between.
Guided by producer/bassist Jeremy McDonald (Beyoncé’s “Pray You Catch Me”), COTE collapses the distance between
modern and classical, mounting a compelling argument for rock-and-roll in the 21st Century. Randall’s
arresting voice, meanwhile, may belong to a category of its own. It’s a kind of velvet lure — by turns pliant and penetrating — wielded with a primal confidence.
Impose magazine deemed it “healing,” while
Noisey once remarked “her voice is so warm and welcoming you wish it was a cloud
you could recline on.”
An emigrant from the perma-gloss of Orange County, CA, Randall’s enchanting deconstructions of romantic mythologies
(“Golden Hour”) and the mechanics of self-doubt (“Green Light”) linger long after the music stops. “A lot of my songs are about facing the fears and insecurities I have about being honest with myself, or with the world,” she says. “They’re a way to crack myself
open and see what’s really there.”

COTE’s debut album is scheduled to be released next year.
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Baby's All Right
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