PopGun Presents Dave B

PopGun Presents Dave B

QUIÑ, Nyles Davis, Travis Thompson, Deem Spencer

Tue, April 4, 2017

8:00 pm

Baby's All Right

Brooklyn, NY

$12 - $15

This event is 18 and over

Dave B - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Dave B
Seattle MC Dave B is a multi-talented hip-hop artist who raps, sings, writes, produces while bringing to the table lyrical content reflective of the golden age of hip-hop. His depth and versatility is partially attributable to his vast musical inspirations: gospel icons Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin; hip-hop luminaries Andre 3000, Missy Elliott, and Kanye West; R&B songstresses Aaliyah and Erykah Badu; jazz legend Theolonious Monk; and rock god Jimi Hendrix.

Dave blends elements of hip-hop, R&B, jazz and funk over conscious-driven lyrics with soulful melodies and harmonies. Check out his debut Punch Drunk EP released on Seattle based independent Goodrich & Gold.
QUIÑ - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
When she was in high school, Quiñ discovered her dream job: backup singer.

But one glance at her gold-flecked eyes and a moment spent in her sunlit presence, and it's clear that there's no way she could blend into the background. Couple that with her pillowy soft voice, which manages to be earthy and ethereal at the same time, and she positively sparkles.

Still, old habits die hard. Even after filming G-Eazy's artistically NSFW video "Tumblr Girls," she didn't mention she that she, too, was an artist. "He got in the car with my friend and she played him the song I had recently done. He lost his mind," Quiñ says, cat-eyes twinkling. "I let people find out for themselves what's up with me."

With her vocally shapeshifting feature on "Thinking About You," a standout on G-Eazy's sophomore album When It's Dark Out, plus the mystical, Mad Max-inspired video soundtracked by her own dreamy "Math," plenty of people are clamoring to do just that.

Growing up in Pasadena, Quiñ's house always swayed with music. Her mother was a dancer and her father, a television director and transplant from the Bronx, played the congos, drums and trumpet. Her parents palled around with musicians such as singer/songwriter Patrice Rushen, and Quiñ would slip in and bang on the drums in recording studios. She loved harmonizing and singing in her church and school choirs, but was such an introvert, she froze up anytime the spotlight was shone on her.

"I remember singing little ditties in preschool, but I didn't know I was singing out loud. One day my teacher said, 'I love your little song!' and I remember saying, I'm never singing again!" she says, laughing. "I was super sensitive to it, because that was my gift. I had to grow into it."

In 2009, a bout of boyfriend and best friend drama broke her heart, so she left college and retreated to her godmother's in the Bay Area to heal. The trip altered the course of her creative life. While her heartache provided much fodder for her songwriting, she realized the feelings wouldn't last forever. "I want to be able to write like this when I'm not sad, so I had to figure out how to channel the hurt and still have a good day," she says.

The other massive epiphany concerned her very being.

"The only thing stopping you is you," she recalls telling herself. "I was being shy for no reason. When I realized I had words to share, then it became a necessity. I can get over this shyness, I have a message."

Now, she's close to sharing that message with the world. Working with producer and rapper Chuck Inglish on what she terms, "fantasy soul music," she's completing the EP Sunkist Midnight. It's part of her "9 Lives" series, which is testament to both to her own constant state of evolution and a wink to her mom, who called Quiñ and her sisters her "kittens."

"I have to remind myself how cool it is to be a witness to my growth," she says. "Naturally my voice sings! If my voice is made to sing, then how could I possibly mess up?"
Nyles Davis - (Set time: 9:25 PM)
Travis Thompson - (Set time: 8:50 PM)
Seattle rapper Travis Thompson is the perfect example of hip-hop music's ability to be light-hearted and fun. Refusing to take himself too seriously, Thompson raps about being a chubby, hilarious goofball. With a type of self-awareness and honesty that lends an authenticity to his music that's missing in most of today's studio raps. Through his genuine verses and bouncy beats, Thompson is quickly raising his stock in Seattle and nationwide- garnering hundreds of thousands of plays on his debut EP "Living For The Future", which he released just a year ago age 18. With songs on wide-ranging topics including Tom Hanks, Horchata, and Social Justice- The now 19 year old is not only an act you can get behind, but one you can find yourself in.
Deem Spencer - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Venue Information:
Baby's All Right
146 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY, 11211