Diet Cig

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Diet Cig

Daddy Issues

Fri, April 7, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

Baby's All Right

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is all ages

Diet Cig - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Diet Cig
Diet Cig are here to have fun. They’re here to tear you away from the soul-sucking sanctity of your dumpster-fire life and replace it with pop-blessed punk jams about navigating the impending doom of adulthood when all you want is to have ice cream on your birthday.
Alex Luciano (guitar and vocals) and Noah Bowman (drums) have been playing music together ever since Luciano interrupted the set of Bowman's previous band for a lighter. The New York duo have since released the infectious, 2015 ‘Over Easy’ EP that introduced consistent sing-a-long lyrics with thrashing drums and strums that never held back.

‘Swear I’m Good At This’ is the first full-length from the band and accumulates their tenacity for crafting life-affirming, relatable tales with a gutsy heart at their core. Luciano has the ability to write lyrics that are both vulnerable and badass, perfecting a storm of emotive reflection that creates a vision of a sweaty, pumped-up room screaming these lines in unison. Diet Cig make it okay to be the hot mess that you are.

But there’s also a deeper, more powerful fuck-you among the bangers that see Diet Cig grow into an unstoppable and inspiring force. “I’m not being dramatic, I’ve just fucking had it with the things that you say you think that I should be” spits Luciano on “Link in Bio”; “I am bigger than the outside shell of my body and if you touch it without asking then you’ll be sorry” she yells on “Maid Of The Mist”. It’s the sound of a band doing things on their own terms.

Wrapping up ‘Swear I’m Good At This’ on Halloween 2016, exactly two years after they finished recording ‘Over Easy’ on Halloween 2014, Diet Cig’s first, full-length LP validates the experiences of punks who aren’t always accepted first time around; the punks who throw their deuces up at the dominating bro-dudes and ignite the importance of owning everything that you are.
Daddy Issues - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Daddy Issues throttled into its set with attitude, skill and sheer energy. Their rudimentary playing gives them a unique sound that cohabitates elements of '60s girl-group pop, garage and punk. On "Sex on the Beach," Sprague's chord progressions suggested the Velvet Underground stripped of ennui, while the loud, fast and melodic supercharge of the Misfits came through on "I Can't Control This Feeling." Madeline Putney's propulsive bass and Hannah Hawkins' locomotive drumming gave the rhythm section a lean, restless and hungry feel. Lauren Holt's ordinarily winsome vocals were buried in the mix, but her melodic delivery carried through. Crackling mics and other acoustical challenges added to rather than detracted from the overall effect. Add the irreverent attitude and assertive sexuality (see "So Hard") embodied by the band, and you have an instant impression.

The dual guitar attack by Sprague and Holt on the new "Babehammer," recalling the Patti Smith Band at its most raw and joyful, was particularly delicious, and Sprague's well-placed screams on the Pleasure Seekers' '60s Detroit garage classic "What a Way to Die" made the song sound current."
Jordan Green, Triad City Beat
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Baby's All Right
146 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY, 11211