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Husbands began when Wil Norton climbed up the stairs to Danny Davis's OKC apartment and took their first stab at their odd, gleeful brand of lofi pop. Since then, they've each moved all over the world-- Washington, DC, Seattle, Costa Rica -- but have faithfully managed to write one album, two EPs, and over 24 singles (and two Christmas albums-- but who's counting?).

While Husbands still retains much of their signature surf pop, beach-inspired harmonies and their angular, garage rock guitar propulsion, for their new album, "After the Gold Rush Party," Husbands tries on krautrock, no wave, and nineties-inspired pop, as Danny tackles new themes of what it means to be punk, working 9-to-5s, and trying to find zen in an anxious world. After the Gold Rush Party is Husband's first vinyl release, on their brand new label Cowboy 2.0 Records (an imprint of Clerestory AV).

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Baby's All Right
146 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY, 11211