Frazey Ford with J.R. Bohannon
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Frazey Ford

J. R. Bohannon

$16.00 - $18.00
Ages 21+

Frazey Ford

On her third album ​UkinBtheSun​, Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Frazey Ford inhabits an entireworld of shapeshifting rhythm, elevating every beat and groove with the subtle magnetism of hermesmerizing voice. With its graceful collision of soul and psychedelia and sometimes ’70s funk, it’s abody of work that invites both self-reflection and wildly joyful movement, and ultimately sparks a quiettranscendence.


J.R. Bohannon

A celebrated and deeply beloved musician and friend.

Dusk is the result of many years of writing. While Bohannon’s debut EP Recôncavo (released April 2019 on Phantom Limb) introduced a new artist with great ability, Dusk lands exactly on his sound. The years of performing with virtuosic traditional bluegrass and folk musicians, with Merge Records’ Torres and NYC supergroup Gold Dime have refined his skill to incisive perfection, imbibing a luminant lyricism into his instrumental guitar playing. Bohannon was determined not to write “just another acoustic guitar album,” which is starkly evident in Dusk.

Venue Information:
Baby's All Right
146 Broadway

Brooklyn, NY, 11211