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V.V. Lightbody

Ben Seretan

All Ages

What does belonging to yourself look and sound like in 2020? For Chicago’s V.V. Lightbody, it’s following her 2018 debut “Bathing Peach,” with a break-up and breakthrough sophomore LP Make a Shrine or Burn It – a masterclass in self-reflection and female autonomy. Produced herself, the album finds the singer/songwriter folding her oceanic, nap rock sound into the musical kaleidoscope of Laurel Canyon folk-pop and floaty, improvisational psychedelia; inviting the listener into the complex yet controlled chaos of it all.

An album of lingering farewells and cautiously optimistic beginnings punctuated by a deceptive wit, Lightbody - a.k.a. Vivian McConnell - turns her attention inward, exploring what it means to be with yourself after being with another; trading abstract, third-party narratives for those more poignant and conversational. With the June 2019 release of lead single “Car Alarm,” a siren song jokingly prophesying death and legacy under the guise of horniness, it was apparent that McConnell was in the midst of transformation. Her lower register taking on a smoky, growl-like quality, she sounded ready to pounce; her warbly guitar swirling into a slick, bluesy solo as opposed to more languid, previous singles

Recorded at noted Chicago recording studios including Decade Studios, Public House and Pallet Sound, as well as in her own bedroom (extremely true to form), McConnell produced the album herself and teamed up with the city’s go-to engineer Dave Vettraino (Lala Lala, Makaya McCraven, Deeper, Melkbelly). Building upon lush harmonies and textured rhythms - featuring Ohmme’s Sima Cunningham on vocals and Macie Stewart on violin, and saxman Wills Mckenna among others – “Make a Shrine or Burn It” is an adventurous uptick in the dreamy, signature V.V. Lightbody soundscape.

Her woozy romanticism is a bit rougher around the edges, she’s found a new freedom in impermanence, lessons in mistakes and power in not making the same ones twice. With the climactic exhale “Offers,” she delivers a sweeping admonishment of gendered expectations and contortion of the female form. Culminating in the shadowy, stripped, cliff-hanger closer “USPS” – she dares to ask the question she can only hope to receive an answer to. At its end, “Make a Shrine or Burn It” soundtracks a journey of accepting where one chapter ends, and another begins – whether one’s ready or not. - Jessi Roti

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"...he’s found freedom in the realization that heaven is what you make it."


"...Seretan simply refuses to hold anything back. Like the best maximalists, he has too much to say, and an irresistible urge to say it."

-Various Small Flames

"Equal parts meticulous and free-form, the music of Ben Seretan can be difficult to assess. His compositions and performances are often suffused with deep emotion and can be easily classified as cathartic experiences."


Ben Seretan has trouble sitting still, though his music is at times as placid as a frozen lake. Obsessed with joy and armed with too-loud laughter, until recently he could be seen bopping around NYC and loving life most nights of the week. His work ranges from the lovely, bursting, overstuffed songs of Youth Pastoral, his latest record (just out in February of 2020) to the 24-hour-long ambient guitar swaths of My Life's Work, a multimedia project that he diligently worked on for nearly two straight years to the jammy chaos of full-band workouts like 2015's Yellow Roses or his self-titled debut LP, where the piles of buzzsaw guitar lines reach dizzying heights.

Seretan is also something of a local organizer - he started the NYC-area collective label Whatever's Clever in 2019 and for years has organized and curated shows all over town, including a series at Lincoln Center, two festivals that took place entirely during the pre-dawn dark of sunrise, and lately, in his own living room (a lovely space called Tortoise Town). He plays guitar for others as often as possible, too, most frequently with the band Adeline Hotel and the songwriter Will Stratton. And to boot, he publishes new audio and a piece of writing every Thursday.

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