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BABY tv Presents: SHAMIR with Special Guests

It’s been a long road, over the last six years, for Shamir to finally make the album that matched his vision. Becoming a globe-trotting touring act behind his 2015 debut, Ratchet, taking a hard left turn stylistically, confronting his mental health issues, and moving from his native Las Vegas to Philadelphia--that’s just the start of this journey.

His seventh full-length is his most intimate, his most crafted, and a huge step forward, for an artist who can hardly sit still. In the arc of catharsis that has been his half-dozen records of the last several years, this album is the light after the storm, a Resolution of his journey to artistic realization. Having adopted the iconography of the butterfly, the chrysalis has fallen away, and Shamir is floating. And he’s barely 25 years old. “I felt like I had to make those records to build to this point.”

Even though Shamir launched a label in 2019, Accidental Popstar Records, the LP will be released sans nom, on no label at all, as has become his norm. For becoming widely known for R&B dance pop, the one constant through his move back toward guitar-driven indie pop--through Hope, Revelations, and all the way to this year’s surprise release Cataclysm--has been his unmistakable voice. The unique countertenor manages to pierce straight to the heart, bringing Shamir’s hypnotic presence to songs immediately personal to the artist, while accessible to broad audiences. Lead single, “On My Own,” is a tale of solitude and reconfiguring what it means to love, a clarity in the production that hits the listener like that moment of falling deep. Shamir made the video himself while in lockdown quarantine, a genuine artifact (for those still caring about authenticity).

Though there are still flashes of synth and punctuated drum beats, ala his early releases, Shamir has taken a turn toward the post-hardcore ‘90s for further inspiration (he sampled a Scratch Acid track on Ratchet). It makes sense his new-found fixation comes from the Olympia, Washington cult heroes Unwound. Shamir has forged ahead at his clip (despite getting spots in three Netflix shows) taking inspiration from the more self-aware bands of the Kill Rock Stars orbit, taking everything into his own hands in the DIY tradition.

The record started coming together in the summer of 2018, when Shamir met up with a songwriting hero, Lindi Ortega--Shamir covered a song of hers on his 2014 debut EP Northtown. Never able to waste a single second under the power of inspiration, Shamir made use of his downtime to write new material. The instrumentals for “On My Own” came together then, and Shamir pocketed it, despite dropping Be the Yee, Here Comes the Haw in 2019. The lyrics would come to him in a flash, after the end of a relationship. “It’s all kind of come full circle,” Shamir says.

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Fashion Club is the musical outlet of Pascal Stevenson, a Los Angeles based musician and producer. He has a degree in music technology from the California Institute of the Arts and is a member of the Sub Pop band Moaning.

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Castle Pasture is the sonic outlet of creative & electric powerhouse Matthew James Wilson. Having been a champion of the arts for some time, the world has finally been blessed with auditory input from someone who this reporter refers to as "literally one of the most important people in underground music."

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With readings by Ashley Ray & Safy-Hallan Farah


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