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Sean McVerry


All Ages
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"A careful combination of wandering melodies, with dollar-store theatrics yield the body work that artist and composer Sean McVerry creates. At his core, his crooning sensibilities lay on top a bed of warbling synthesizers, florid keyboard arrangements, and a relentless groove. His lyrical vernacular is earnest and at times hectic, dancing along the bar lines creating a musical palette brimming with potential energy.

The Brooklyn-based artist has lent his musical vocabulary in various corners of the industry from Hip Hop production for artists such as J.I.D. and Princess Nokia, to playing with Danger Mouse, Karen O and AURORA. He has released two EP’s and a handful of singles to positive critical review from publications such as, Impose, and Paste Magazine.

From his debut Hourglass Switchboard I and II, Sean has explored the sonic palettes reminiscent of bands such as Grizzly Bear and LCD Soundsystem, to his new wave fever dream Private Lives which explored the neon synth pulses of Tears for Fears and Duran Duran. He is a humble student of music and a product of his ever-changing environment. His debut full length “Death of The Golden Boy” was released September 18th 2020 via AntiFragile Music”

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Glassio is the Indie-Dream-Pop project of Sam R., an Irish-Iranian singer-songwriter-producer based out of Queens, NY. His music blends dream-pop/electronica with pop sensibilities and hooky melodies, all tied together under a dance-pop backbeat. His intention has always been to try to bring a melodic sweetness to dance music that can be applicable to both the dancefloor and the living room space.

Originally a duo, Glassio released their debut EP Poptimism in early 2016, independently. The EP received positive reviews from blogs like The Village Voice and XLR8R, and the lead single "Try Much Harder" found its way up to No. 9 on the Spotify Global Charts in Spring of 2016. A series of singles followed in 2017 and 2018, which included "Morning House," "Papaya," and "Daydream." After the project became a solo effort in 2018, Sam R. released the Age of Experience EP. Several singles landed on Spotify's New Music Friday and the EP was heralded by Mother Jones as "proof that electronic music and great storytelling are a perfect match." His debut album as Glassio titled For The Very Last Time came out on July 23rd, 2020. A self-described hymnal-disco album, Sam R. wanted to make a record that "Crosby, Stills & Nash would have made had they taken ecstasy in Ibiza for an entire Summer in 1987." Filled with toy-like synths and lush harmonies, the record pulls together a whole range of influences from Brian Wilson to New Order to The Magnetic Fields. Thematically, the album is a reflection of a person saying goodbye to a part of themselves and embracing change/transformation of character. It was named one of the best electronic releases from July 2020 by Bandcamp, and broke over half a million streams on Apple Music and Spotify. As a live act, he has opened for Electric Youth, Miami Horror, Fujiya & Miyagi, and Gus Dapperton, and has DJ'ed alongside Eric Kupper (Frankie Knuckles' engineer/collaborator), Joakim, Mike Simonetti and other DJs in the New York area. When not releasing his original music, he is a frequent remixer, and has produced re-works for artists like Madge, Argonaut & Wasp and Sulene.

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