Noga Erez

All Ages

Noga Erez burst onto the scene with ‘Off The Radar’ in 2017, winning acclaim across the globe. While the music she makes in collaboration with her partner and co-producer Ori Rousso, exploits many of the more physical, dynamic elements of electronic, hip hop & pop music, it also embraces a cerebral sensitivity that’s made her one of her home city’s most exciting, idiosyncratic artists. The grainy textures and potent atmospheres forged with her synths and ingenious beats bravely straddle genres.
Her 2018 standalone singles “Bad Habits” and “Cash Out (feat. SAMMUS),” and 2019 collaboration with ECHO, “Chin Chin” saw her continuing to forge a path of uncompromising and unpredictable, gritty, truth-seeking alt-pop. Most recent singles “VIEWS” and "NO news on TV" & “You So Done” marked the start of the next chapter in her career, with a new full-length in the pipeline.

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About BABY TV :: Tickets are on a sliding scale and all grant you access to the same show. Proceeds from this livestream will be split between the artists playing, the staff at Baby's All Right ineligible for government aid during our closure, Elifelet, and Culture of Solidarity.

Ticket holders will receive a link and password 30 minutes before the start of the show. Check your spam folder if you don't see it! Anyone purchasing tickets the 30 minutes leading up to a performance will receive their info in their order confirmation email.


Culture of Solidarity is a growing movement of volunteers who have been mobilized due to the current Covid-19 crisis to help the most vulnerable among us. They run different mutual aid initiatives: They collect surplus produce from farmers, as well as donations of dry foods to prepare food packages for thousands of seniors and families/people at risk and distribute them with their dedicated team of volunteers. The community also delivers home-cooked meals to seniors and people who are unable to cook for themselves. These meals are prepared by individuals who put an emphasis on making each delivery personal, catering to the taste and dietary preferences/restrictions of the person they cook for.

Elifelet – Citizens for Refugee Children is a grassroots a-political NGO dedicated to supporting the weakest asylum-seeking children (0-12) living in Tel Aviv, Israel. Elifelet works to fill the gap between the solutions offered by institutional systems- education, health and welfare and the dire needs of the community with a specific focus on the children's physical, emotional and developmental wellbeing.

Venue Information:
Baby's All Right
146 Broadway

Brooklyn, NY, 11211