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Brooklyn-based guitarist and vocalist Devin McKnight, aka Maneka (pronounced “Monica”), is known for his work with the grungy indie rock groups Speedy Ortiz and Grass is Green. But his arresting, entrancing, and aptly titled new record, Devin, is entirely his own. Traversing math rock, metal, shoegaze, grindcore, hip-hop, and jazz, it’s an album that refuses to be pigeon-holed even more than his 2017 EP, Is You Is, did. With dissonant layers of twinkling and thunderous guitar, droning vocals that range from deadpan to sinister, and occasional saxophone from McKnight’s virtuoso cousin Brent Birckhead, Devin is a bracing listen that sounds like a storm cloud rolling in.

McKnight, a mixed-race black man, says the album addresses his experiences “as a minority in white indie rock scenes.” On “Mixer,” for example, he satirizes discomfort with racial ambiguity and wryly undercuts the security we find in classifying one another. “Before I open my mouth and sing, I must let you know,” he says (of course, already singing): “All along you been sharing your dinner with a halfling.” McKnight spoke to AdHoc about gentrification, male privilege in the music industry, Tom DeLonge’s alien abduction, and discovering that he was multi-racial in his twenties.

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