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Sour Widows, Black Ends

All Ages

Mamalarky spent two years working on their self-titled debut album (out via Fire Talk on November 20th). Raw and cerebral, the LP looks to a range of influences from their collective musicalnerdiness. ''We might have a vocal melody that sounds like the lead steel guitar from Santo & Johnny, played over production that aims to be noisy and weird like Deerhoof or Sheer Mag, all the while steeped in the greats like Stevie Wonder or The Four Seasons,' explains Livvy. The album itself was cobbled together in a mix of DIY ways: home recordings with Livvy’s roommate Joey Oaxaca (White Reaper, Mo Dotti), singles with Daniel McNeill (White Denim) and a “final wrapping-up” with engineer Jim Vollentine (Spoon, Skating Polly).

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Sour Widows are a bedroom rock group from the Bay Area, formed in 2018 by longtime friends Maia Sinaiko, Susanna Thomson and Max Edelman. Songs marked by driving harmonies address themes of relationship and reflection; layers of warmth, grit, and depth surface and fade in their two guitar dynamic. The term ‘bedroom rock’ is a nod to this intimacy - it could mean sleepy, dreamy, or weepy - as it captures the band’s disparate sonic forces.

Anchored by Edelman’s singular drumming, the three draw from influences including Big Thief, Duster, Pile and Forth Wanderers to create heavy harmonic alternative rock. Post-Trash calls their self-titled EP “the type of debut we’ll forever reference as an example of arriving fully developed and nuanced far beyond their years as a band.” Through progressions that shift from subtle to biting, Sour Widows expose tender moments with an edge.

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Black Ends’ self-described gunk-pop is about as sweet as that wad of asphalt-crusted bubblegum you found stuck on the bottom of your favorite boots. Much like the legendary grunge bands that influenced the Seattle trio, Black Ends is artfully adept at smothering familiar pop and rock structures with near-toxic levels of grime; but please don’t call them “post-grunge”, the term used to describe the major-label wave of flannel-clad bands trying to capitalize on grunge’s aesthetic. If you must, “post-post-grunge” may be more apt at capturing Black Ends’ reaction against this type of commercialization, but I digress... Back in March of 2019, the band released their debut EP, Sellout, which has been widely acclaimed within the Seattle music scene, getting featured on publications such as the Seattle Times and The Stranger, as well as being a favorite on beloved Seattle radio stations.

Bandleader Nicolle Swims takes charge with her commanding guitar playing, channeling catchy riffs and bluesy sensibilities through warped effects, scuzzy tones, and math-rock joltiness. The recurring lyrical theme of alienation is enhanced by Swims’ unique and cryptic vocal delivery that embraces her outsider status. Backing Swims is a talented rhythm section that seems to exponentially increase in inter-band chemistry with each show they play; Bassist Ben Swanson and drummer Jonny Modes are so tight they appear loose, like a runaway train threatening to veer off the tracks at any moment, yet somehow managing to be in the right place at the right time. Whether going off into a noisy freakout or a jammy detour the trio is always in sync and able to turn on a dime.”

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