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KAYE on BABY TV with Raia Was & mmeadows

Charlene Kaye spent her childhood all over the globe—having lived in Hawaii, Singapore, Hong Kong, Arizona and Michigan all before she turned 18. Absorbing both the old soul records of her parents and the 90s grunge on the radio, she quickly became a full-fledged music obsessive, beginning with piano but soon abandoning it to teach herself punk songs on her mother’s guitar.

After college, Kaye moved to New York to pursue music. She toured nationally on her first two records from 2012-2014 and played bass and guitar in several Brooklyn bands (including shredding as Slash in an all-girl Guns N’ Roses cover band called ‘Guns N’ Hoses’). In 2014, a mutual friend connected her with San Fermin’s Ellis Ludwig-Leone. The two hit it off and, impressed with her voice, Ludwig-Leone asked her to be San Fermin’s new lead vocalist.

This led to five years of collaboration and touring with San Fermin, with Kaye’s electric frontwoman energy propelling their albums Jackrabbit and Belong (Downtown) to international audiences and festivals worldwide. With them, she played Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Last Call with Carson Daly, CBS This Morning and more, with CBC hailing her vocals as “vibrant jolts of life” and the New York Times Style Magazine calling them “equal parts wistful and sexy.”

Her first release as KAYE, 2016’s Honey EP, is a joyful, raucous collection of pop songs that reflects the sensibilities of an artist who was once equally as obsessed with Destiny’s Child as she was with Nine Inch Nails. It was featured in Spotify’s New Music Friday, Apple’s Best of the Week, and was even featured in Apple’s Carplay ad. Press accolades such as a feature on NPR Weekend Edition, New York Times and Rolling Stone followed.

In 2019, she parted ways with San Fermin to return full and unrelenting focus to her solo career. She has just finished recording her upcoming full-length, Conscious Control, co-producing it with guitarist and producer Kirk Schoenherr (Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker).

“I have never shared more of myself in a record,” says Kaye. “It forced me to come to terms with my own thorniness and complexity as a woman—the knowledge that I am capable of harm, making mistakes, and loving myself regardless.”

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Songwriter/producer Raia Was creates r&b influenced alt-pop that is dark, lustrous and contemplative. Having grown up in the New York music scene, Raia Was is a mainstay within the DIY community and after years of collaboration and touring as a vocalist and keyboard player she has finally stepped into her own solo project as a performer. Raia Was has an exceptional ability to push boundaries of genre and create magnetic work that is honest in its exploration of the intricacies and artifice of personality. She performs a controlled suite of electronic music with a rare brooding intensity and haunting sense of color and space set amidst artists like BANKS, James Blake and Rhye. Side A of her debut LP Angel I'm Frightened is out now, Side B will be released in full next Spring.

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Longtime collaborators Kristin Slipp and Cole Kamen-Green come together for the first time as a duo in mmeadows. The band’s distinct sound is informed by their deep musical backgrounds: Kristin is a current member of indie royalty Dirty Projectors, while Cole has worked directly with Beyoncé on two albums, 'Beyoncé' and ‘Four.' Drawing from their disparate influences, mmeadows sees two people connect in what Paste Magazine calls a sonically “singular” way.

Vocal-focused pop songwriting is the heartbeat of mmeadows, who liberally use found sounds and esoteric vintage instruments in their productions and performances. The band released their first EP, Who Do You Think You Are?, in April 2020.

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