BABY TV Presents

Dirty Bird

Pink Navel, Raavi & The Houseplants

All Ages
Presented by BABY TV

Dirty Bird is an artist, DJ and music producer from North Carolina who specializes in electronic music and Y2K aesthetics.

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With earnest, narrative-driven lyrics and maddeningly keen sense of groove, Raavi & the Houseplants hold a smart balance between guitar-focused indie and left-of-center math rock. Between sweeping melodies and odd phrasings, the band takes delight in flipping simple ideas into diverse and dynamic textures. With a dedicated following, Raavi & the Houseplants are at their best toeing genre lines and constantly pushing the bill forward.



pink navel— aka cookie the bookkeep, dot dev, running laps— hailing from plymouth county massachusetts, the first and last art rapper of suburbia— pure queer whimsy and clandestine bop born from after school blocks of billy and mandy, etc. musician and youtube expert— representing the almighty Ruby Yacht Poet Gang for now and always.



About BABY TV :: Tickets are on a sliding scale and all grant you access to the same show. Proceeds from each livestream will be split between the artists playing, the staff at Baby's All Right ineligible for government aid during our closure, a wonderful community organization called Make The Road NY, and The Audre Lorde Project.

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Venue Information:
Baby's All Right
146 Broadway

Brooklyn, NY, 11211