BABY TV Presents

Dougie Poole

Lily Konigsberg, Locate S,1

All Ages
BABY TV Presents: Dougie Poole, Lily Konigsberg, Locate S, 1

Dougie Poole is a musician and songwriter living in Brooklyn, New York. Coming of age in Providence, he dabbled in heavier and more experimental music before maturing into a country auteur. He writes earnestly about his experience (life in the big city, heartbreak in the digital age) and approaches country as an experimental music form, as well as a tradition. He has shared tours nationally with Jerry Paper, Still Corners and Bong Wish, and in 2019 guested on the Drugdealer album Raw Honey.

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Lily Konigsberg has been writing songs and playing them solo and with rotating members for upwards of 15 years. Recently she forced 4 of her best friends to join her and the results have been very exciting for her. She is also in Palberta, Lily and Horn Horse and many other projects with her friends. Lily is fascinated by pop song structure and why or why not radio hits are successful. She listens to the same song for a couple of months and than moves on. Her goal in life is to write extremely satisfying pop songs with no unnecessary parts, which is why her songs tend to be shorter.

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If the famous visual artist Cindy Sherman had pursued a music career it might have looked something like Christina Schneider’s output up until now. Before committing to the Locate S,1 project, Schneider recorded under a new guise for every record. Jepeto Solutions, CE Schneider Topical, Christina Schneider’s Genius Grant & the eponymous Christina Schneider were all the brainchild of Schneider.

Depicting herself in many different contexts, these projects have allowed Schneider to cover plenty of ground sonically – from minimalist bedroom pop to acoustic spoken word poetry – her nuanced songwriting and effortlessly poignant lyricism are the bedrock of all her experimentation.

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Baby's All Right
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