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Pedazo De Carne Con Ojo

Alfred., Bats, True Blossom, Dorio, Skirts

All Ages

Pedazo De Carne Con Ojo

Pedazo de Carne Con Ojo is the project of musician and poet, Steven Perez. The name comes from a nickname his mother had for him throughout his childhood. After being gifted a Roland SP-404 from one of his closest friends, Steven began working under the Pedazo moniker. At its core, the project points towards the music that was played around his house. From salsa and bachata to hip-hop and pop, Pedazo eyes the music he and his family grew together with.



It's hard to allow yourself to feel strongly in a culture defined by detachment, cynicism, and irony, where sincerity and lofty goals are perceived as corny, but Alfred. aspires to thrive and provide community through the expression of sharing words, to breathe vivid life into their place in the world.



Bats is the solo project of Jess Awh, an artist working out of Manhattan and Nashville. There’s a river up high is her second full length album. It was recorded between cities, in bedrooms and living rooms, with help from an army of friends.


True Blossom

True Blossom formed in 2017 from the thriving Atlanta underground synth-pop scene. The band released their debut album Heater, a sweet and strange collection of disco, city-pop, and classic indie, last year on Citrus City Records. They followed that with a series of tours up and down the east coast.



Dorio is the songwriting project of Austin musician Chaz Doriocourt. During his youth on a ranch in East Texas, Chaz established a comfort with long hours of solitude while his dad delivered mail to the area. A new project under his shortened family name, Dorio debuted live during South by Southwest 2019.

The solitary experiment, written in his tree-lined upstairs home studio/living room, channels the singular pop sensibilities of unhindered artists like Harry Nilsson, Ariel Pink, and Chris Cohen. Chaz’s self-directed video for “Shortcuts” offers a peek into his Hyde Park neighborhood abode with his partner, who also works from home as a journalist. The easygoing debut single details beginnings of a long-term relationship with chipper guitar work.

“I wanted to see, if I gave myself the space to make songs without too much outside influence, what would they sound like?” says Chaz. “Unlike in the past, I ended up writing mostly on keyboard, bass and analog drum machines. That seemed like the most natural, fun way.”

During his first years in Austin, Chaz fell for ‘70s deep cuts heard overhead during a grocery store stock boy gig. The era’s bright tones stuck with him during collegiate studies in anthropology, where he developed an observational perspective now applied to lyricism. Under these influences, Chaz approaches his songwriting subjects with both curiosity and empathy.



Skirts is a title Alex Montenegro has been using for the past five years to collaboratively and independently explore songwriting. Growing up in Texas, Alex’s love for music was fostered at a young age by the people in her life who were constantly sharing their favorite songs. Recording mostly alone on cassette 4-track and digital 8-track, Alex brings the life and depth of old friends playing timeless standards to her recordings, invoking an immediate sense of nostalgia for listeners. Her voice is a familiar drive on winding roads, where the peaks and valleys of the hills and harmonies carry us into a timeless bliss. There is a beautiful informality to the way the instruments so tenderly work together, picking and plucking into a chorus so sweet that even first time listeners will want to hum along.


Citrus City Records


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