Burger Records presents Cotillon, Michael Rault, Step-Panther, Warbly Jets, The Gooch Palms

Burger Records presents Cotillon, Michael Rault, Step-Panther, Warbly Jets, The Gooch Palms

Wed, October 14, 2015

12:00 pm (event ends at 5:00 pm)

Baby's All Right

Brooklyn, NY


This event is all ages

Cotillon is the musical pseudonym of Jordan Corso, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist whose music is a fusion of indie rock, psychedelia, surf guitar, and pop from various eras, all filtered through Corso's oblique but engaging lyrical sensibilities. The Cotillon story begins when Corso was living in Los Angeles and working an unrewarding office job; Corso had been playing guitar since he was a child, and he started working on songs during his lunch breaks to relieve the monotony. A busted romance gave Corso plenty to write about, and eventually he opted to form a band to perform his new material. Corso named the project Cotillon and released its first EP, Votive Flower, in the fall of 2012. The EP received enthusiastic reviews from the West Coast indie press, and a second EP, White Roses, appeared in the spring of 2013. Chet "JR" White of the indie pop act Girls was bowled over by the first two EPs from Cotillon, and offered to produce an album for the group. The band booked time at EastWest Studios (formerly Western Recorders, where the Beach Boys cut Pet Sounds), and Corso later traveled to San Francisco to do overdubs and mixing with White at his home studio. Corso fell in love with San Francisco and relocated to the Bay Area, with a rotating cast of musicians eventually replacing the original Cotillon lineup. Cotillon's self-titled full-length debut album was released in January 2015 on Burger Records.
Michael Rault
Michael Rault is a Toronto based singer, guitarist and songwriter fronting his own eponymously named band. A gifted multiinstrumentalist and arranger, his hooky blend of pop rock refracts an evolution of guitar based music through the ages. An era-defying mischievousness defines his synthesis of jukebox R'n'B, and acid psych as refracted through the experience of an adolescence spent idolizing the clever craftsmanship of the Beatles and the wiggy New Orleans textures of Dr. John in equal measure. Rault's latest album Living Daylight will see worldwide release on Burger Records in 2015. As a recent transplant from his native Edmonton, the album is a melodically adventurous take on a classic theme – leaving home to make your way in the big city. Produced and recorded in collaboration with Renny Wilson (Mint Records), Living Daylight is a dynamic fusion of the past and future.
Step-Panther are an irrepressible shred-rock 'n' garage-pop trio out of Sydney. They've forged a fun and fast live reputation by playing shows at home and in the UK with Yuck, Kurt Vile, Girls, Hunx & His Punx, Jeff The Brotherhood and more.
Warbly Jets
Warbly Jets
With little to no money, circumstances led them to several months of couch-surfing, at one point when they finally secured a lockout production space in Venice, Samuel and Julien had no choice but to stay at a questionable motel nearby and begin to chip away. Another studio setback in San Diego left the two searching for housing back in LA while, perhaps more importantly, searching for the rightspace to record the band's first official cuts. The process was far from perfect.“ There were quite a few moments of slogging through shit” says O'neill, "but there were also some very lucky breaks in the end." Chief among them: the additions of Justin Goings on drums and Dan Gerbang on bass.They've certainly needed the support at times; aside from the typical growing pains all bands experience, Shea was in a bad motorbike accident last year that left him with a fractured wrist and forearm. And while he felt "completely defeated" at first, "wondering if I would ever be able to play an instrument again," Shea was ultimately able to heal with the help of music, crafting vocal melodies and lyrics with Gerbang as the pair produced “ Alive” – a tune that is appropriately now their debut single. "It's been a great development to be able to share writing duties and produce as much as we possibly can with this group," says O'neill. Finding inspiration in downtown LA's Ultrasound Studios, the quartet dynamic and individual determination has seen the band hit it’s stride recently with a slew of key performances in the Los Angeles area and growing label interest, all the while crafting a larger studio endeavor that isn’t necessarily in the flow of their contemporaries. Willing this project into existence, “ Alive” is essentially a collective self-affirmation that aspiring to create in the face of all circumstances–internal or external–is the artist’s most vital role. In hindsight, there was never really any question for Shea and company, but the journey so far has certainly yielded plenty of new answers.
The Gooch Palms
The Gooch Palms
It’s us, your friendly neighbourhood Gooch Palms! Check this out… In the middle of 2015 during a big fat American tour we took two weeks off in butt-fuck-nowhere Michigan, aka Benton Harbour to record our second album Introverted Extroverts with an amazing guy, Bill Skibbe (of The Kills, Jacuzzi Boys, Protomartyr fame). And to 100% toot our own horn, it turned out AMAZING! Thanks Bill!
Not knowing what we were going to do with this red-hot new record, we reluctantly shopped it around to a couple of labels who were either uninterested or not the right fit for us, or both. So we tossed up the idea of releasing it ourselves.
Touring constantly for all of 2015 had meant we had enough money to start our own label and we were pretty shocked to hear the horror stories of bands struggling with the labels they were on.
Really, what was most appealing about the idea was the fact that we would have complete control over our own destiny and if anyone screwed it up, it would be on our heads, which we could handle. We hate nothing more than other people letting us down, so this was a good idea. Plus on the flip side, if we succeeded, we could take all the glory and of course, riches!!!!
Ok, so we’re not just blabbering on about the idea of doing it, starting our very own, proper record label is exactly what we decided to do.
Voilà… Summer Camp Records was born!
Exciting stuff guys!!! We are now sitting on the brand new album ahead of the release and have also reissued our entire back catalogue. So come June 15, we are READY TO GO!!!
Right now we’re at home in Los Angeles after moving here last year thinking of all the stuff we should write down to make this long-winded acrostic poem. Not very poetic though, or maybe it is??? Dunno.
Thinking back to the two weeks we spent in the studio brings back fond memories. Let’s talk about that!
Everyday in the studio was a new adventure. There were cute dogs that couldn’t understand our Aussie accents, 100 coffees a day, beach walks on Lake Michigan, watching YouTube clips of folks high on bath salts, a groundhog, a room in the studio made of tree bark, food poisoning (our fault), long days and many late nights which would end in us falling asleep to Bill Nye The Science Guy on Netflix in bed.
Determined to make the most of our time there we avoided booze and focused harder then ever before. It was pretty much the opposite of touring! But it was one of the best experiences we’ve had as a band.

Experimenting with different amps and sounds was super fun and we incorporated a few different ideas into the songs but essentially kept it pretty “Gooch Palms” in the end.
Xylophones were not used on this album, but Triangles were. You can hear the dings if you listen carefully!!! But let’s go back further to when we wrote this bad boy… Back to a little place we like to refer to as THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD… Newcastle, Australia.
The inspiration for the album came from the usual for us, our surroundings. Hey, if you lived in Newcastle, you’d write every lyric about it too!!!
Really, it’s great. But it also goes a bit deeper on this album. You get a sneak-peek into what it’s like to be a “Gooch Palm”.
Over the course of the past few years, since releasing Novo’s in 2013, we were writing songs and compiling a new album and when we looked back at what we’d written the songs about, we realised that most of the subject matter either dealt with how we were fun loving party animals or completely isolated freaks who hated the outside world, even though it was Newcastle!!!
Very few people know that we are introverted weirdos a lot of the time. But it’s true. You can be both, and a lot of people who do what we do are.
Ergo, we gave the album that theme and named it accordingly!
Releasing this album has been a big emotional process and now it’s finally time for people, who aren’t our parents, to hear it and we are so friggin’ excited.
To sum it up in a nutshell, it is the catchiest album you’ll ever hear in your whole entire life and love it or hate it, you’ll have these songs stuck in your head forever and ever. That’s a promise!
So that’s the story from I to S of Introverted Extroverts!

And thanks for listening to us ramble on!
– Gooch Palms xo
Venue Information:
Baby's All Right
146 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY, 11211