Kirin J Callinan

Kirin J Callinan

Donny Benet, and special guests

Wed, March 25, 2015

11:30 pm

Baby's All Right

Brooklyn, NY


This event is 21 and over

Kirin J Callinan
Kirin J Callinan
It's 2017, and as a fresh tide of Australian acts froth across the world, charming international audiences with their rough & ready style, we have a major source to credit with that Australian brand of obscene confidence so frequently on display. Kirin J Callinan.

It's fair of you to wonder where a man like Kirin J comes from. What mix of lust and love, violence and tenderness; what strange turn of events lead to this apparition riding into town?

Kirin is an Australian Man. He's heat shimmer on a road and waves white against ocean blue. Built like an amateur boxer, long and strong, and dressed like a toreador. Tiger blood and a dick like a chair leg. Drinks salt water and holds eye contact after offering you a sip.

This is a man who could have settled for a life of patronized excess. Been a kept man on any continent on earth. Lying poolside, skin browned, slick with sun oil, a drink in hand, fucking some poor shmo's grandmother and living like a prince.

And yet he's here, stood on a stage at midnight, surrounded by drunks. A fantasy creature existing firm in reality. And when he takes to his guitar, flanked by amplifiers, girt by Boss, cables growing and spreading like vines from out around him; he produces sounds at once captivating and beautiful for their violence and creativity. It's hard to explain the feeling. The tension in your heart. The strange, sexy feeling you get from peeling a banana. Melodies make you wince at their pure creativity. Euro trash is another man's treasure. Beyond pastiche. Sonically out amongst the corpses and flying bullets; not stooped in the trenches. A man on the front line.

Kirin J Callinan is an apex predator. A butterfly. A grassfire. A beautiful baby boy wandered curious into the gun safe. You're listening to something very specific when you're hearing Kirin J express himself. And you're right to be wondering if this mania, this insanity, this total abandon exists within all of us. Makes you wonder if you've just missed out. If you're a coward for never trying. If you were ever on the field in the first place. Out there is a pendulum that swings recklessly between madness and delicate precision.

But what is recklessness without talent? What's a prisoner without his trade? A maniac without the voices in her head? What do we work with when the world puts too much space between us and our treasured visions of the future? Bravado.
Donny Benet
Donny Benet
2011 saw Donny Benét bursting onto the scene with the release of his debut album Don’t Hold Back. Armed with a Drum Machine, Fender Rhodes and a Moog Synthesizer with a pitch bender that won’t stop, Donny stepped up to the plate and delivered a sound full of sophistication, sexuality and street heat. Don’t Hold Back. Sophisticated Lover. The Girls of Japan. Let’s Make it Right Tonight. These songs were the new take of Italo Disco Funk that would make even legendary disco producer Giorgio Moroder feel like a proud Uncle.
2012 saw the release of Benét’s latest offering Electric Love. Reflecting the highs and lows of life on the road through the eyes of a modern day Italo funk artist, themes of heat, love, war and self-belief are played out in Donny’s newest treat.
Donny is also expecting album #3 in 2015 and is promises to be of more romantic assistance than any internet dating service.

Touring Australia consistently since 2011 and supporting artists such as Warpaint, John Maus and Dan Deacon, Donny has also been invited to play at the Mona Foma Festival, Sydney Festival, Adelaide festival, Vivid Live and Big Day Out where he tore up the dance floors of the country’s most highbrow venues.

2014 saw the emergence of the Donny Benét Show Band. With the professional touch, Benét’s hits are performed by a crack team of musicians who almost impregnated the city during their residency at the 2014 Sydney festival. Like the clear plastic covered furniture in any Italian household, the Show band is definitely brought out for special occasions.

It's Friday night and everyone wants to have fun 1982 Italo style. Make sure you wear your Sunday best to give you the chance of success in the game of love.
Go on, treat yourself.
Venue Information:
Baby's All Right
146 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY, 11211