~+ Baby's NYE 2015 ~+ "It's About Time" +~

~+ Baby's NYE 2015 ~+ "It's About Time" +~

MYKKI BLANCO, Mr. Twin Sister, Perfect Pussy, Ricky Eat Acid, Ronald Paris., Sunflower Bean (EP Release Show), James K, Dubbel Dutch, MR UNO (DJ), Chances With Wolves (DJ the Front)

Wed, December 31, 2014

7:00 pm

Baby's All Right

Brooklyn, NY

$40.00 - $99.99

Sold Out

This event is 21 and over

"It's About Time"
"It's About Time"
Baby's NYE 2015

featuring Live Performances by...
Mykki Blanco
Special Secret Guest
Perfect Pussy
Ricky Eat Acid
Ronald Paris
Sunflower Bean
James K

and DJ sets (late) by...
Dubbel Dutch

Doors at 7pm.
TWO hours of open bar from 7-9PM with Meredith Graves DJing.
Chance With Wolves all night in the front.

$40 advance
$45 day of
$99.99 for show + Baby's 2015 Watch

~+ Baby's 2015 Watch

Free shows for ONE YEAR when you buy this limited edition watch including New Year's Eve (only 100 available!)*

*some restrictions may apply
"Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss " is the debut rap release from New York based self described "Acid Punk Rapper" Mykki Blanco. "This mixtape is a reflection of the lifestyle that my peers and I are living right now, this moment where it feels as if global club culture is connected again, New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Rio, the international underground has come together for an all night party that never ends and "Cosmic Angel" is the soundtrack. "DJ DJ Prime Club Minister, Play My Track Cuz The Beat Is Sinister" raps Blanco acting as town crier of the club crowning the DJ ruler of the night, Blanco's raps, national nightlife anthems. Rave culture, Hip hop culture, Trip Hop and Riot Grrl, these are the elements of what Cosmic Angel are made of and Mykki Blanco swerves with ease in and out of each genre with his/her artful lyricism, aggressive delivery and the showmanship that has made Blanco a stand out entertainer.

Cosmic Angel is my way of welcoming the world into my reality, the weirdos, the freaks, alternative black american culture. Sexuality figures in last, were talking street life, night life and under the flashing strobe light or the soft glow of the moon everyone and anyone is a Cosmic Angel.

Cosmic Angel is a mixtape for the international party people, a mixtape that people all over the world can relate to. "We make love to the night, in the back of the club yeah we feeling alright", sings Blanco it's a universal message delivered over the sonic digital bells. Cosmic Angel is Mykki Blanco's message to the world about how seriously he/she takes the role of entertainer and how far and how hard he/she will work to prove it to anyone who questions his/her talents. I came into this game to show the world my creative vision and let my freak flag fly...I just so happen to be a ferocious rapper, I would have never said "Blanco is the Truth" if I didn't mean it.
Mr. Twin Sister
Mr. Twin Sister
"Twin Sister are a Brooklyn-by-way-of-Long Island quintet that do so much so well. Their songs have a remarkable sense of atmosphere and romanticism. They nod at their heroes-- maybe Stereolab and Bjork, maybe Cocteau Twins or 1980s pop-- without overtly stealing. They seem to know they are capable of great things..." - Pitchfork

The band's self-titled album is the second full length album by the five members of Twin Sister, now known as Mr Twin Sister. Following their debut LP, composed largely in a studio, the band returned to the creative process they had employed on their first two EPs- working individually or in small, shifting groups. Ideas germinated in an environment where experimentation was encouraged. Some bloomed immediately, others matured slowly over the years, the rest demolished and rebuilt dozens of times in an effort to discover their ideal form. Progress was slow, coming in fits and bursts, accommodating the unexpected twists and turns of life.

There was a new depth to the process as well- prior to 2010, when working on their EPs in much the same manner, the band had never before been in a proper studio. Now having spent time in one, they knew better how and when to use it, and were able to combine its benefits with a more methodical songwriting approach for the first time.

We are left with eight songs stretching 38 minutes, something far deeper, darker, and more substantial than anything they have done before. Revolving around themes of self-identity and isolation, the songs stand as a testament to fighting for what you love, breaking down the walls we surround ourselves with, out of the dark and into the light.
Signed to Domino Records in late 2010, the band spent that winter writing and recording in an isolated and snow covered beach house in northern Long Island, took the songs to a Philadelphia recording studio, and emerged with their most polished and wide-ranging release yet, 2011's debut LP, In Heaven, another critical favorite. Throughout all this activity, Twin Sister have toured relentlessly, opening for Beirut, Explosions in the Sky, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Wild Beasts, Bear in Heaven, and Real Estate, not to mention numerous headlining shows around the country and in Europe.
Perfect Pussy
Perfect Pussy
Perfect Pussy are one of the boldest and most intriguing projects to surface in recent years, garnering widespread critical acclaim following the release of a four song EP, titled I have lost all desire for feeling, earlier this year. Veiled beneath layers of exquisitely abrasive noise, frontwoman Meredith Graves' lyrics are disarming, brutally honest and poetic, possessing a feverish intensity that can only be matched by Graves' electric stage presence. Hailing from Syracuse, New York, the band is comprised of members from the local punk and hardcore community.

"On stage, front woman Meredith Graves has the charisma of a star in the making." -Billboard

"I Have Lost All Desire for Feeling, instantly evokes basement shows rank with fresh sweat, dark except for strings of christmas lights, windows shaking, overloaded PA bleating away, and the band across the jampacked room discernible only by the occasional upward-flung limb. If you make it to one of this Syracuse band's two outer-borough shows this week, expect to leave with bangs dripping, ears keening, and heart pounding." -Paper Mag

"One of the boldest new rock bands." -Pitchfork

"These punk kids from the mean streets of Syracuse, New York, deliver high-energy slabs of mayhem-friendly post punk noise, a wall of guitar and Casio. Meredith Graves knows how to run her mosh pit like a dictator runs a birthday party." -Rolling Stone

"One of the best debuts you're likely to hear this year." -Stereogum
Ricky Eat Acid
Ricky Eat Acid
Lately i've been really into music that sounds like it's reaching upwards to God and falling short, over & over
Ronald Paris.
Ronald Paris.
Porches is the proliferation of Aaron Maine’s love affair with music. Never quite landing in any particular niche, they navigate through genres, learning, obsessing, and absorbing. Great victories and great defeats, cosmic or tangible, are the underlying elements that remain constant through the bands exploration. Kevin Farrant (Rivergazer), Aaron Maine, Seiya Jewell, Cameron Wisch (Full-Blued), and Greta Kline (Frankie Cosmos) are the current members that contribute to the glowing, dark, and powerful live performances that Porches continue provide.
Sunflower Bean (EP Release Show)
Sunflower Bean (EP Release Show)
neo psychedelic for the digital age: --- Jacob --- Julia --- Nick
James K
James K
The producer/vocalist/visual artist, real name Jamie Krasner, has previously collaborated with on oddball club music with Physical Therapy and fellow UNO artist Gobby (as SETH). Last year she released her debut solo EP, Rum, and relocated from New York to Berlin, as she told FACT in an interview.

She’s also been working on a pop-house project with Galcher Lustwerk, which we are naturally pretty excited about. ‘Luv Me Too’ is out on UNO NYC on December 16, and that will be followed next year with a 7″ in February and a debut album on UNO in spring.
Dubbel Dutch
Dubbel Dutch
Brooklyn-based Producer/DJ Dubbel Dutch's chief aim is to inspire catharsis through his 'cosmic tone poems and club anthems from the abyss'. Impervious to the crutches of genre, though a student of many, this hydra of influences coalesces into a melody driven aesthetic that is unmistakably organic and unmistakably Dubbel Dutch. Starting in 2013, he began working with rising Jamaican dancehall star Popcaan and the result is an honorable marriage of Caribbean swagger, virtuoso production quality, and a socially conscious world view. "Everything Nice", the first collaboration to emerge from Popcaan's recently released Where We Come From LP has surfaced as a universal pop hit, trumpeting out of car stereos, clubs and block parties the world over. The song elevated Dubbel Dutch to rarified status in the dancehall world and Popcaan has become one of the genre's most successful crossover stars. Along with "Everything Nice", Dubbel Dutch produced four other cuts off of Where We Come From, helping define the contours of an album that has sat near the top of the charts since its release.
UNO001 – Eddie Mars – Future
UNO002 – Jacques Greene – Lay It Down
UNO003 – CFCF – Cometrue
UNO004 - The Twilite Tone – Mean Machine
UNO006 – Fatima Al Qadiri – Genre-Specific Experience
UNO007 - Arca - Stretch 2
UNO008 - Gobby - New Hat
UNO009 - Fur - Cocoon
UNO010 - Yan Wagner - Turmoil
UNO011 - Kuhrye-oo EP - S/T
UNO012 - Fatima Al Qadiri - GSX Remixes
UNO013 - Aquarian - TBA

GIA001 - Arca - Baron Libre
GIA002 - Gobby - Deep Rubber
GIA003 - Gobby - Uptown Edits for V
GIA004 - Kuhrye-oo - House of Edits
GIA005 - Arca - Stretch 1
GIA006 - Mykki Blanco & The Mutant Angels - S/T
GIA007 - Fur - TBA

NR001 - LOL Boys - Moments in Heartbreak 10"
Chances With Wolves (DJ the Front)
Chances With Wolves (DJ the Front)
Ill weird old records that not everyone is up on and mixing them up with all sorts of different genres of music and quotes from movies and hitting wolf howls all over them. People get stuck on genres. We're stuck on dope. We are also interested in magic. Objects of magic and Objects d'art.
Venue Information:
Baby's All Right
146 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY, 11211